Aiming your business at the right target market.

In this 21st Century a strong and clear message on the web is paramount for your business, giving your potential customers vital information so they consider you as first choice before your competitors.

Chances are you have had a go with a free or cheap web site and it is not working out the way you want.

We can usually help!

To make your website work for you macsvision have the ability to target your exposure through internet search engines like Google, which so often is overlooked with web design, especially if you are currently relying on a ready made web template to try and increase turnover.

Your business is as unique as you are, so let macsvision enhance your web presence with an individual design aimed at your needs and all at a sensible price you really can afford.

internet usersReach everyone who browses the web on smart phones...which is almost everyone

If you have an image or flash heavy site mobile surfers will give up before your home page has even loaded.

Did you know that a mobile internet presence boosts traffic by 13 percent compared to PC-only driven traffic?

And that mobile data traffic is expected to grow 40-fold over the next five years?

Clearly a mobile site is a must-have item - and mobile capability can be built into your main site meaning no extra work or expense!

It's probably time to move on and try a different approach to get your business to take off.

Since I am in the business of designing web sites I know what really really works.

Buying a ready made web site or template and putting in your own text is one option - but it won't get the best results and you cannot custom build it to suit your needs exactly.

Only by careful hand crafting can a website be made to reflect your personality and also be lean and fast so it can work even on the cheapest mobile phone.

Getting the style and presentation right may take up to a week but from then on it's all systems go. Even if you change a price for example you can phone me and watch an instant update.

As far as I know only one other web designer in the Netherlands can do this. Most changes take days if not weeks to be implemented and could cost you serious money in underpriced sales.

On a cautionary note if you don't follow standards your site may never be found or even may be expelled.

There is now an absolute, black and white rule that your website must now be totally compliant with all the regulations and guidelines laid down by the major search engines, at the same time search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others launched new technology to screen out websites that are flouting the regulations and this has resulted in several really major corporate websites being expelled.
An amazing number of sites put up by professionals who should really know better do not meet these basic standards.

Incidentally, all sites I create are checked with a screen reader since not all people can make out text hidden in a graphic image - Google certainly cannot! But if movies and slideshows are what you like I can do them too.

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