You've had a go on the web and it is not working out the way you want

There are so many pitfalls on the web to capture the unwary new web owner

Some "solutions" offer low cost or free hosting but may have considerable drawbacks.

  1. the web name you hoped you registered is never legally yours but is registered by the hosting company or the web designer you trusted.
  2. if you want to leave them you might have a fight on your hands lasting years.    
  3. you have to use the same templates as thousands of other users so your site does not stand out among the crowd.
  4. unless you know what you are doing Google, Bing or Yahoo may never EVER find your website.

To be fair however:-

  1. some are wonderfully easy to use and
  2. cheap as chips since so many other people are using the same bog standard themes

That may be all you want or need.

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